NY NJ 2019

    Pema Dorjee


    Tenzin Tsering

    ( Vice President)

    Nyima Tsamchoe

    (Vice President)

    Tenzin Wangmo

    (General Secretary)

    Ninila Rotta

    (Gen. Prog. Coordinator)

    Chemi Dolkar

    (Gen. Prog. Coordinator)

    Chime Aboomtsang

    (Social Media Coordinator)

    Tenzin Tsundue

    ( Accountant)

    Passang Dolma

    ( Pub. Relation Officer)

    Tenzin Youtso

    (Resourse Outreach Coordinator)


    (Nursing Edu. Outreach Coordinator)

  • Tibetan Nurse Association Minnesota (TNAMN)


    started its regional chapter on July 6th, 2016 on H.H the 14th Dalai Lama’s Birthday with same mission and objectives.



    Why join TNA MN


    To promote activities to unify Tibetan health care worker and promote awareness amongst community. As a member, you have the opportunity to volunteer at various events that we will be organizing in the future, mentor nursing students, and become part of a board member. We support you in your professional endeavours to work towards our mission of improving the welfare of Tibetans and advance the leadership of Tibetan nurses.

    Who can join TNA MN



    Any Tibetan in health care professional, students or continuing education , people who are interested to engage in welfare of our community can join our team.


    Our Mission


    To promote and protect health, welfare and safety of our community out of compassion with dignity and respect

    To make charitable contributions to Tibetans in and around Tibet, India, Nepal according to the needs.

    Objectives of TNA MN


    To promote health awareness amongst community members and to inculcate sense of community belongingness.

    To build strong network amongst Tibetan healthcare workers. To provide platform for educational and professional growth.

    To provide comprehensive quality healthcare services to our community in an atmosphere of compassion and optimum care with dignity and respect. To connect with other health care organizations/ health workers.

    To counsel, guide students and new graduates in the job placement and encourage them to be productive members of our community.

    To promote activities to unify Tibetan healthcare workers